The objects for which the College is established are:

  1. To promote public education and healthcare awareness of dermatological disease and dermatology as a specialty.

  2. To promote and safeguard the interest and image of specialist in dermatology in Hong Kong.

  3. To promote the science, art and practice of dermatology and its allied disciplines.

  4. To develop, support, and augment the education of persons engaged in the practice of dermatology for the public benefit.

  5. To promote, encourage and assist, for the public benefit, research and education on dermatology and therapy including the publication of books, monographs, articles and other writings in connection thereto.

  6. To enhance and promote medical training on dermatology and therapy in Hong Kong.

  7. To draw and to assist to draw the public’s awareness of the knowledge of dermatology and therapy in Hong Kong.

  8. To promote for public benefit the advancement of dermatology which includes but is not limited to the investigation, preservation and restoration of the form and function of the skin, and associated structures by medical, surgical, and physical means with the aim of bringing relief to patients of all ages suffering from the effects of injury or disease of the skin.

  9. To grant scholarships, donate money, provide funds, offer and award prizes, make gifts in kind and promise gifts to or for others whether charitable organisations or not for the purpose of charitable objects being carried out or achieved.

  10. To foster the continuing medical education of specialists in dermatology for public benefit.

  11. To represent the dermatological profession in the above objectives in negotiations and interactions with other Associations and similar bodies locally and internationally.

  12. To carry out and perform all and any other acts, works, enterprises or things as are of a charitable nature.

  13. To apply for, invite and collect from members of the Association or from any other persons, corporations or authorities, subscriptions, donations, gifts bequests and any other assistance and to apply or donate any money, services or facilities for the purpose of achieving any of the foregoing objects.